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Wedding planning can be tough work!

Wedding planning can be tough work!

  • By - Heather Stenlake
  • 08 April, 2021

Two months to go until my wedding. And I am starting to get NERVOUS. Did I remember everything on the checklist? When will all of the RSVP's come in? What about hair and makeup.. and decor and centerpieces? I hope the gown alterations are done soon! What about the music, the chairs, the rehearsal...AHHHHHH!

It can drive you crazy.  If you let it. 

Ok, ladies. Let's take a deep breath. We got this. I know, we have lives outside of wedding planning. We have jobs, homes, some of us have kids, too! I turn to other brides in the very same situation when I need guidance - facebook groups are great for wedding planning - I've learned so much from other women who are in the thick of wedding planning, too. Even though I've been in the wedding industry for over 20 years, there is still SO much I need help with in regards to planning a wedding! 

But, what if it is SO consuming- that you cannot keep your cool? What if it's too much for you to handle- the balance between daily life as we know it, and wearing the hat of "wedding planner" as well? If you find it's all too much, and it's wearing you down, where it's no longer enjoyable to plan- then I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner if the budget allows. That's right, your own personal J-lo in the movie The Wedding Planner. They can save your sanity, and let you enjoy your day without going crazy. 

If the budget does not allow for a wedding planner, it's ok to take baby steps. Have you been pinning on your wedding Pinterest board? Organizing your ideas? Have you bought a binder planner to keep everything in check? Perhaps enlisting the help of bridesmaids, maid of honor, mom, MIL,- even little tasks to check off your list of to-do's can be an immense help! 

Remember, deep breaths. The day will come and we will be having so much fun, we will forget that we ever worried in the first place. I am looking forward to our big day - and yours, too!   - Heather

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