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I said yes!

I said yes!

  • By - Heather Stenlake
  • 16 August, 2020

I am engaged to be married! I'm super excited- and totally in love after dating for 5 years! This is the second time around for both of us and between the two of us we have 3 children. (21, 15 & 12) 

I've worked in the wedding industry since 1998 - and I have seen more brides than I can count this evening. I would always love to hear stories from each and every one of them throughout the years about how they got engaged. Was it romantic? Did you suspect it? Was it a big dance production or a simple candle lit dinner? Were you surprised? Did you or your partner cry happy tears?

Whether it was a large dance on Main Street to Bruno Mars' "Marry You", or perhaps just the two of you on a romantic stroll to a breathtaking sunset on the beach- you can't deny the intense emotion of the moment. That moment when your partner looks into your eyes and asks you for a lifelong commitment of love, devotion, faithfulness and happiness together.  It sends the butterflies flying out of your stomach and perhaps a tear (or more!) of joy trails down your cheek that simply cannot control the face wide grin.  It feels like beams of light are streaking out of your heart and into theirs... joining together as one. (Remember when Princess Fiona found her true love in "Shrek" and took on true loves form?- yeah, those beams of light)

You can find this love at any age, any time, anywhere. Even if you've had your heart broken a hundred times, your partner choses you, today and everyday - because they can't see themselves with anyone else. You make them laugh, cry, love, happy, mad, sad, excited, all of the emotions! A connection like this is to be celebrated!  Because, after all - isn't that what marriage is? A celebration of love. At any age, any time. 

And I am so happy I found mine- and he found me. I got to have that moment I've always dreamed about - he got down on one knee in our kitchen with a purple ring from a bubble gum machine from an arcade we got together the year prior. Even though we didn't have the "real" ring yet (we picked it out together the next week), the emotion was undeniable. At that moment, I felt like Princess Fiona.  He meant every word... and I said yes. 


Tell me your story. I would love to hear how your partner asked you!

 - Heather

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