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How I came up with the idea for Bridal Buddy!

How I came up with the idea for Bridal Buddy!

  • By - Heather Stenlake
  • 05 July, 2020

One of the questions I hear most often when asked about Bridal Buddy is "How did you come up with this invention?" 

I started working as a dress bagger when I was 20 years old at a shop called "Bridal Factory Wearhouse" in Trexlertown, PA. I literally bagged up dresses and put them back on the size racks after brides tried off-the-rack dresses. I took great pride in my job. I loved the women I worked with and I LOVED Bridal gowns. I Eventually moved up to a cashier, steaming, prepping and repairing gowns, to becoming a sales person. All I can say is for me, it was like playing Barbie all over again. I would put their hair in a lovely up-do, put the veil and tiara on, fluff the train- and that was it. The look. Mom. Family. Tears. I was in love with Brides and Bridal Gowns. I loved everything about it. 

During that time as a sales girl, one of the most frequently asked questions they had when trying on gowns was "how am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this thing?"

Some of the sales girls would suggest to "bring a sheet and spread it on the bathroom floor - take off your gown and lay it on the sheet when it's time to use the bathroom" or "bring some of your bridesmaids in the stall with you to hold up your skirt". 

Neither sounded appealing to me and I knew there had to be a better way. 

My sister and I opened our own bridal shop together in 2003 and it was there I came up with a very crude prototype out of an old bed sheet. I had worked on it and with my limited sewing skills, came up with something that was on it's way to becoming what Bridal Buddy is today. 

Although Bridal Buddy did not go into production until 2015 (my next blog will go into a little more detail as to why it took me SOOO long) It was a product worth waiting for. I'm so proud of the fact that I've got to help many brides use the bathroom with dignity on their big day. Inventing is no easy road- it takes A LOT of dedication, hard work and persistence. It can take YEARS to perfect a simple idea! But when you have that idea, go for it, make it your passion- and don't give up- no matter how many people, or your own self, tells you it's not a good idea. - Heather (inventor of the Bridal Buddy®)

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